View Tracing #4 "KUROSHIO"

In my recent "View Tracing" work series, I use threads that glow in response to ultraviolet light in the dark to represent three-dimensional objects and spaces as polygons, and combine light and sculpture to create installations that look like computer graphics. It is precisely because of the rapid development of 3DCG expression using digital technology that physical sculptures and installations created using analog methods can create a new kind of "reality" in the real space in which we live, where we can experience the fluctuation of physical sensations as if we were moving between reality and imagination, between 2D and 3D.

In an art event "ATAMI ART GRANT", I stayed and created for a month at a closed hotel. I exhibited my artwork in the Japanese-style room which is the former Japanese restaurant named “KUROSHIO”. While tracing the vestige that remained there, I traced the outline of the space with threads that glow in response to ultraviolet light. And using Japanese "ornaments" that remind us of the time the hotel used to be open as a motif, and polygonizing them by thread lines.

The word "trace" in the title means not only to copy, to draw outlines or lines, but also to follow the vestige, to go back and explore.

Fluorescent thread, Ultraviolet light, Ready-made objects

Photo: Naoki Takehisa