View Tracing #3

In this work, fluoresce threads in response to ultraviolet light are stretched over ready-made objects and the exhibition space. When shine the ultraviolet light on them, the lines of the thread are fluorescent, and the shape of the original object image becomes invisible. Thereby removing mass and weight from the object and transforming them into a VIRTUAL POLYGON WORLD.


Living in the modern age, where we are bombarded with processed images and CG images, the boundary between reality and creation seems to have become blurred. I created works based on the motifs of objects created in various regions, times, and for various purposes. Viewers enter into the vague space to be transformed, and experience a mysterious sense as if they wander into the space between 2D and 3D. I hope this work will give us a chance to take a fresh look at the materials and spaces around us, and our relationship with them.


Fluorescent thread, Ultraviolet light, Ready-made objects, Wood

DLECTRICITY 2021 [Wayne State University / Detroit, USA] 2021
Photo: Nadir Ali / David Lewinski Photography