UVLS / Venus de Milo

In this work, insect pins are stabbed into the plaster statue of Venus de Milo, and the needles are connected between the needles with the leveling thread (fluorescent color) used at construction sites. Surfaces are formed by connecting the insect pins points with the thread to create lines, creating an image that looks like a polygon in 3D computer graphics. Then, when the ultraviolet light rays there, the lines of the thread are fluorescent, and the shape of the original plaster statue image becomes invisible. A three-dimensional polygonal object that should exist on a two-dimensional computer images into a three- dimensional world by shaping the surface of the plaster statue with thread.


Plaster statue, Fluorescent thread, Ultraviolet light HDW 60 x 30 x 35 cm

BankART Artist in Residence [BankART Studio NYK / Kanagawa]  2016